Healing Arts Scotland
ITAC Relay

January-August 2024 Scotland Wide

A national participatory arts relay with groups all over Scotland

As part of Healing Arts Scotland Week, the International Teaching Artist Collaborative (ITAC) designed and delivered a national Participatory Arts Relay.

The HAS ITAC Relay has been a chance for us to highlight and celebrate the amazing arts and health work already happening in communities across Scotland, as led by participatory artists, and join up the many exciting pockets of work which are ongoing. The event invited groups from around the country to contribute their voice to a collective tapestry of artistic responses which spoke to the key HAS arts and health themes. Stimuli was passed from one group to another, asking each to add to the work of the last, until the final creations can be displayed in key partner’s spaces and presented alongside the opening/closing Healing Arts Scotland Week ceremonies. This is the first time these groups have been connected and collaborating on a national scale and ITAC is proud to have brought them together as part of HAS. It has been a chance for the voices of participatory artists and our participants to be central to the event - connecting our work in a literal and artistic sense.

Preview of work from the Relay Project

John Mc Naught Cup of Coffee and Look at the Bees 24x26cm oil pastel on canvas
John Cocozza Look Out Eyes 42x30cm oil pastel and water colour on paper
Paul Rankine Midsummers Dream 25x20cm watercolour and gold leaf on water colour paper
Articulate Hub final creation image

John McNaught - Cup of Coffee and look at the trees

Heart of Newhaven Meeting Centre - Strand 5

John Cocozza - Look Out Eyes

Heart of Newhaven Meeting Centre - Strand 5

Paul Rankine - Midsummer's Dream

Heart of Newhaven Meeting Centre - Strand 5

Final Textile Design

Laura Food, Articulate Hub - Strand 2

Dance Choreography from Healing Arts Scotland 

Gracenotes - Strand 2