Runforever - Through These Walls

22 August 2024 11:15AM-12:15PM Aberdeen Arts Centre - 33 King Street, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB24 5AA

Our work is contributing to shape a new understanding of health within prison environment in dialogue with HMPG Recovery, Health & Well-Being Strategy Group which takes in consideration the role and impact of social inequalities and adverse childhood experiences upon mental health.

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We will share stories from Runforever’s work at HMPG from both the experiences of running and Feldenkrais. These can hopefully be inspiring stories insisting on a truth that is not reducible to data but a fleshier, more lively truth that in its telling might draw us to care. We believe running and Feldenkrais can be forms of art with the potentiality of healing. These stories will show how these practices can make us imagine a different path towards health by acknowledging that “no one can be healthy alone” and that if “we would be able to care more, we would need less cure”. They will highlight the paradoxes we encounter if we don’t maintain awareness on logics governing programmes of rehabilitation and recovery when driven by their inseparable reductive evaluative procedures incapable of catching the interdependency of life and its existential value. In sharing our stories, we will show how the Runningstories radio show and the Photovoice have been creative ways for setting up a path into an unknown territory where values emerge on the way while we learn together.

We hope that these stories are not just celebratory and can be a way to reach out to feel on commonground and inspire change through art.